Sukriti Chakraborty- a hardworking student and inspirational teacher

Dr Sukriti Chakraborty, a PhD holder in history, whose inspiring story of perseverance and hard work

Sukriti Chakraborty

The difficulty is something that you see while your eyes are not on goal Arjun (Mahabharat).

This quote rings true for Dr Sukriti Chakraborty, a PhD holder in history, whose inspiring story of perseverance and hard work in the face of adversity is a testament to the fact that anything is achievable with dedication and determination.

Dr Sukriti Chakraborty was an exceptional student at school, but her family’s financial difficulties made it challenging for her to continue her studies. However, she refused to let these obstacles hinder her dreams and started taking tuition classes to pay for her education. Her hard work and determination paid off, and she successfully completed her PhD in history.

Dr Sukriti Chakraborty persevered through hard work

And determination despite facing financial difficulties. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when she had no earning sources, her PhD guide, Dr Abha R Pal, helped her submit her thesis.

She believed that if God shuts one door,

He opens another, keeping her motivated. Dr Sukriti Chakraborty’s dedication to her studies was unwavering, and she did not let her living conditions hinder her progress. She studied for hours on end in the temple of her rented house and refused to complain about the lack of resources. Her belief in herself and her goals kept her going.

Dr Sukriti Chakraborty’s success was not solely due to her hard work,

As she credits her parents and friends for their unwavering support. She acknowledges that without their encouragement, she would not have made it to where she is today. She believes that no matter how hard life gets, one should never give up on their dreams.

Dr Sukriti Chakraborty’s story is a reminder that with hard work,

Perseverance, and support from loved ones, anything is achievable. She hopes to inspire others to pursue their goals, no matter the obstacles they may face. As she said, “God will test you in the beginning, but in the end, he will recompense it.”

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