A Dreamer Who Lives In The Skies | The Drone Man – Piyush Jha

“Neglecting the statement- Sky is the limit, this dreamer Piyush Jha decided to fly beyond it.”

Piyush Jha

Chhattisgarh is the state with immense potential and possibilities for start-ups; proving this true is Piyush Jha, the Director, Co-Founder and CEO of Aviorone Technologies Pvt Ltd. A start-up which provides services in Aerial Photography, air security, and training in assembling drones. It is one of its kind in Chhattisgarh.Piyush Jha

Having realised in the earlier stages of higher education that most of India aviation sector being limited in South India, and rest being imported from outside.Piyush Jha

The company was started with the idea to manufacture all those parts in India. Along with providing services in the aviation field, Aviorone has also been training students through workshops, since long.Piyush Jha

Currently, being the only aerospace company in Central India. Piyush credits his colleagues Mr. Kavit Passary & Mr. Jeet Roy, the two mainstays in his journey of becoming something from nothing.Piyush Jha

Aviorone focuses to enlighten people with more of practical application, than theoretical knowledge,further bridging the gap between the two. What the customer’s need is, is greater than what do we want, thinks Piyush when talked about business.Piyush Jha

Planning to provide the students of Raipur with some quality knowledge in terms of Aviation, in the near future.Piyush Jha

Piyush advises the youth by quoting one of Abdul kalam quotes

“If hard work is your weapon, then success will be your slave”.

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