A Charity Ride – Blossoming Noble Cause

“A Charity Is A Noble Cause For Future Noble Deeds.”

There are many schools in our country where students are provided with the mid day meals in the villages and cities, and children get a good meal to satisfy their hunger. Thinking upon the same, a noble initiative took the people of Raipur to Bemetara, on 3rd August 2017, at 11 am, where the members of Akshat Grace Foundation donated thalis to the children of ‘Mini Mata Government School’ for their mid day meals.

The entire ride and event was sponsored by Narmada Akshat Pratap Singh, founder of Akshat Grace Foundation, which is known for its charity rides in Raipur.

All the flaunting students in their uniform and teachers there were overwhelmed with the presence of Akshat Grace Foundation team and greeted them with so much warmth. Also the members were extremely happy to donate,  spread and share such happiness with these budding flowers of the nation, as Peter Marshall has said –

“The measure of life is not it’s duration, but its donation.” 

Noble cause 3

REINCARNATING RAIPUR wishes them more prosperous charity rides in future.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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