Bunch of fools !

Bunch of fools !

Shocked !!
What kind of a name is this ??

Let’s see…

Bunch of Fools is a group of 8 to10 volunteers who take up different venues in Raipur and clean them up on a Sunday. They are actually doing a commendable job.
This one which they cleaned on the 20th of May is their 144th spot. It is a dead wall in the Timber Market, Fafadih. BOF Team worked for 4 hours and removed 2 trucks of waste from this place. They also go door to door for campaigning about cleanliness. And the most interesting part is that they do on-spot painting on the wall.

With a view to make Raipur clean and also to beautify the walls of Raipur, the Bunch Of Fools work selflessly.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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