Celebration of Engineer’s day in NIT Raipur

Source: Aavartan,17
Engineer's Day 1
Source: Aavartan,17

From your homes to sky scrappers, to the instruments used by doctors to save our lives, to getting data from Mars, everything would have been impossible if there were no engineers. It is definitely worth it if a day is given to celebrate Engineer’s day. In various countries engineer’s day is celebrated in different days. In India Engineer’s Day is celebrated on 15th September to commemorate the birth anniversary of M. Visvesvaraya (1861-1962), a Bharat Ratna recepient, whose regarded as Father of Indian Engineering

Engineer's Day 2
Source: Aavartan,17

In NIT Raipur the students came together to celebrate. Various events were organised by the technocracy committee of NIT Raipur. There were events that included fun as well knowledge, like ‘Code-Hunt’ and ‘Tech-Charade’. In ‘Code-Hunt’, first  round was aptitude and whosoever’s team qualified got a code, which when solved took them to another code, like treasure hunting. ‘Tech-Charade’, it was similar to famous Indian game ‘Dumb-charades’ , it was a game of two people, one was given a chit and he had to explain it to his/her partner, but there was a twist in the game, only technical terms were written in the chit.

Engineer's Day 3
Source: Aavartan,17

There were fun and creative events too like ‘Time-Trap’ and ‘Pipo mania’. In ‘Time-Trap” there was a team of two and they had to complete the task within limited time. In ‘Pipo mania’, straws were given to each team, they had to make a structure that was supposed to be stable and when water is put on top, it had to come out from bottom, whosoever structure was most stable and took least amount of time for water to travel from top to bottom, won. The overall prize sum, combining all events was Rs 5000.

The next round of B-Model was conducted on Saturday Which included the presentation relating the start Ups. Students have presented their                                                                                       respective B models.

Engineer's Day 5
Source: Aavartan,17

The chief guest of the program is ANKUR KEDIA, the founder of Silverscope. He is a Neuro Entrepreneur who was graduated from Asian School of Business  Administration in 2011 and also awarded as the best start up by Entrepreneurship cell of IIT Kharagpur.

He is also an optimist with a vision for future and an avid believer in ” when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”.  The rules to be followed in this round are customer segment, value proposition, channels, customer relationships, Revenue streams, Key resources, key partners. Tech B company is a 3D printer and Electronics manufacturing company headquartered in Bhilai.

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