Children’s Day in SOWO Style | SOWO Juniors

SOWO celebrated Children’s Day in one of the most unique way…

It began with launching of ‘SOWO Junior‘ that includes kids from 8 to 12 years of age.
“The whole idea of launching SOWO Junior is to make our kids realize the worth of what they have. It is very necessary for the ‘haves’ to help the ‘have nots’. Our kids had been longing to be a part of it and we thought it was the right to launch this”, says Priyanka Shukla.

Twice every month the team will make the juniors do some sort of social work activity. They need to look beyond the luxuries they are into.SOWO

For Children’s Day SOWO wanted to reward the dedicated Govt school girls who come to the center to learn something or the other. The team gave them a surprise by taking them to 36 mall D-mart Departmental Store and giving each a budget of 300 Rupees. They were asked to buy anything and were accompanied by SOWO juniors who helped them shop since it was a first time experience for most of the students. They were over whelmed. The team asked them to buy something for their parents and encouraged them to come to the center. T-shirts, chocolates and slippers were the most bought items. SOWO Juniors were extremely excited to lead this program. It was a big challenge for them to buy things within the small budget.SOWO

Apart from this the students had participated in Quilling competition which they had learnt at the centre. The winners were announced too. Sauda Yadav bagged the first position making a 3D paper quilling doll.

There were around 35 SOWO students and 15 SOWO juniors present. The members who headed this programme were Payal Agrawal, Reena Agarwal, Monika Shukla, Neha Goyal, Suruchi Bihani Nathani, Ekta Goel, Bhumi Vaswani, Priya Malang. Other members like Priyanka Shukla who is also the President of SOWO and Riddhi Joshi Shukla were also present. Jyoti Garg who teaches art and craft to the students were also present. Shopping was followed by cake cutting and snacks for all the kids. Kids were extremely happy and said this was one of the best children’s day for them.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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