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NH Goel Finishing School – Culinary Competition Day

Culinary Competition Day For 5th Batch At NH Goel Finishing School!

Well groomed girls, immaculately prepared dishes, near to perfection presentation and a competition of wholesomeness, all this marked the Culinary Competition Day at NH Goel Finishing School (NHGFS) on 19th December, 2018. Fifth batch of NHGFS is about to pass out and this is the final week going on which will witness some interesting events and competitions all week long. In the same streak, a culinary competition was held on Wednesday. Ms. Gunjan Golechha, founder of Gluck India juried the event.

NH Goel

Format of the event

The culinary competition saw total 10 participants who were divided into teams of 3 each. Each team was asked to prepare a 4-course meal with a proper menu. They were also given extra presentation points for perfect presentation.

The teams prepared 3 different types of cuisines and were judged accordingly.

NH Goel NH Goel NH Goel

How the event unfolded

The teams were called Team Mexican, Team Italian and Team Chinese. Each team had to prepare a specialized meal based on the cuisine they were allotted.


Overall, Team Mexican stood as the winner. But, it was a cake walk for the winning team as other teams also gave a good competition. Tiramisu mousse was prepared by Team Italian and it was awarded as the ‘Best Dessert’.

NH Goel

Wonton Soup, which was prepared by Team Chinese was judged as the ‘Best Starter’. All the teams tried to put their best foot forward and hence gave a tough time to Gunjan Golechha who indulged with the cuisines and took the call.

It was an outstanding experience for the participants as well as for all those who witnessed the event.

Written by Ratan Deep Singh

Content is sacrosanct to me. I sometimes feel that my blood comprises of creativity as well apart from RBCs, WBCs & Platelets. I create from my soul and write from my heart.


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