Devam’s Birthday Bash

Devam's Bday

Devam's Birthday Bash“Your big and cute eyes

Your chubby little nose

Your adorable sweet smile

Your curly-burly toes

Your tiny soft hands

Your itsy-bitsy feet

This day is very special And makes us feel complete…”

Mr. and Mrs. Tarwani feel blessed and complete to have this little gift of God – Devam.

Little Devam turned one, and it was an occasion which called for a huge celebration. Tarwani family invited their friends and families to be a part of this big day in a very unique way. Along with the traditional invites, they also sent e-invites containing creative and video.

Devam's Birthday BashDevam's Birthday BashThe Party was organized in Club Paraiso, on Wednesday, 28th of June 2017. It was an animal themed party. The décor of the place was mind blowing and in adherence to the theme.  It was fun to see the kids dressed as cute little creatures. The props were also animal themed. The attraction of the party was the fishing pond. The kids were more than excited to see the colorful fishes. There was a photo booth and instant photos take away. This made the event a memorable one. Various games were organized for the kids as well as the parents, which bound the crowd really well. All the kids were given return gifts.

Devam's Birthday Bash Devam's Birthday Bash Devam's Birthday BashDevam's Birthday Bash

Tarwani family thanked everyone who graced the occasion with their presence.

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