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Wish n Whisk Reincarnating Raipur Oorja Kriti - Gracias Raipur Gracias OorjaSo many preparations, so many expectations, so many happy faces, so many positive feedbacks and one event !! This is the story of Wish ‘N’ Whisk since past 2 months almost.

It was a very tough decision to make whether to put a food stall in a place where people come only for shopping. Also this was the first time a food stall was being set up at a fashion and a lifestyle exhibition. But, it all turned out to be very successful.

Wish ‘N’ Whisk is a food venture started by Mrs. Esha Agrawal. It is the only place in Raipur which provides multi-cuisine delicacies in one place. The uniqueness of this place is that one can savor this delicious food in his own dining as well. A one of its kind concept where one can order their favorite food and get a take away.

The menu of Wish ‘N’ Whisk is very unique altogether. From Italian and Mexican to Mediterranean , Greek and Spanish; all types of International cuisines are available at Wish ‘N’ Whisk.

Menu Wish N Whisk Reincarnating Raipur - Gracias Raipur Gracias Oorja

Mrs. Esha Agrawal and her team can’t thank the people enough for the immense support they have shown to them. Mrs. Agrawal cheerfully said, “I thank you team Oorja for trusting us and letting us be a part of this huge event which has been successful in all the years since it’s inception. I also thank all the Raipurians and other visitors at the exhibition who gave us an opportunity to serve them.”

She shares her wonderful experience with Reincarnating Raipur. She mentions that she was all prepared and all set for the event. The pre-event preparations were done with the minutest detail. It was important to keep a note of all the things that could be required and set up the stall accordingly. It was a challenge to live up to the people’s expectations. She gratefully said, “But I’m glad, we did!”

Oorja Reincarnating Raipur - Gracias Raipur Gracias Oorja




Team Reincarnating Raipur congratulates Wish ‘N’ Whisk and also Oorja for putting up yet another extravagant show.



Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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