Grandparents Day Celebration With Aashayein

Aashayein has always been known for the wonderful initiative they have taken in Raipur for the special kids or say autistic ones.

“Autism isn’t something to hide, it’s not something we should move away from, it’s not something which is abnormal, instead, it’s something special, something like connecting soul with the special ones, some pure and unconditional love which only those people get who has such blessings.”

Such definition was given by the people of Aashayein on 6th of July at Aashayein Child Development and Learning Centre, Choubey Colony, where ‘Grandparents Day’ was celebrated.

People there presented a Nukkad Natak, where some of them portrayed a couple having a baby who was not as like other kids, where the couple then decides to visit doctor and discovers that their child is born with need of some extra love and care, and that the grandparents of the child has no problem with that and they will bring up the baby as its the reason for their smile when they wake up and reason for their smile till their last breath. Also the children of Aashayein danced and participated in the function which created a very mesmerizing atmosphere over there.

The celebration was graced by Sadhana Dhand as a Guest of Honor, who herself is a patient of rare disease of extremely brittle bones called Osteo Genesis Imperfecta (OI) and a winner of National Awards for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities 2012 under role model category (female).

Yes, it was a Grandparent’s Day celebration and the whole celebration conveyed the message that it is very important that not only the parent of the autistic, but the entire family should accept the child and if treated properly in medical terms and with love and care, they can be cured to an extent and can live a normal life.

At the end REINCARNATING RAIPUR wishes the entire Aashayein team a very good luck for their future noble endeavour.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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