Key To Health – by Luke Coutinho

What is Health ?? Being healthy isn’t a fad or a trend, instead it’s a Lifestyle

“Wish to look and feel like a million bucks???” Starting with this tagline, a peculiar session on health awareness was held on 9th August 2017, at Hyatt which was organized by Oorja.

The wholesome idea of the event was to work upon the myths we all have about the health rules in our minds. Myths are meant to be broken and from ages we have been living with a misconception that, to become a healthy person we need to follow strict and fancy diets. This myth about the health rules was contravened by ‘Luke Coutinho’, MD of Alternate Medicine (also an expert in Holistic Health, Happiness & Healing); in this talk show.

Mr. Luke is the founder of Herbs Nutrition Pvt. Ltd., and has international collaboration with Yale & Griffin Research Centre, USA. Also he is specializes in Cancer prevention and healing through micro – nutrition methods and pain management and has global clientele for ‘integrative healing’ and effective and everlasting weight loss. Luke has advanced certification from Australia, New York, and has tie-ups with leading hospitals and NY, London.

The point worth noticing in this health discussion was the fact that, “Do the farmers and workers go to the gym? Do they have protein shakes?” Although they don’t but they have a healthy body and you will also find six pack abs. It all depends upon the lifestyle. Further Luke said that, to make a healthy body, firstly the mindset has to be healthy. Eating the home cooked food can also make one healthy; the only thing is to understand that how to balance it. In this talk show, he also mentioned that the body needs to burn the calories it is consuming. Movements by the body along with an active lifestyle are the key to a disease free and healthy body. The initiative taken by the Oorja group in a gathering of about 100 people with the volunteering members namely, Poornima Agrawal, Neeta Agrawal, Suruchi Nathani, Aastha Khanuja etc., was a very informative one.

Hope Raipurians get more such opportunities to proceed toward a healthy lifestyle !!!

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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