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Whenever life gives you a mountain – Run it… says team ‘Let’s Run’

Lets RunLet’s Run is an initiative by Mr. Vinay Tiwari who has always loved running. He has been running for many years but outside Raipur. He always thought that the running clubs were missing in Raipur. And, so he came up with this idea of forming a running club in Raipur and he named it Let’s Run. Back in November 2015, the club was formed with just two members and today it has a large number of participants.Lets Run

Mr. Tiwari says that consistency is the key to successful running. This is the one and only running club in Raipur and participants from other places come to Raipur and contact them for organized runs. The venue and the route for the run keep changing, but what remains the same is the spirit of this bunch of enthusiasts.

Let’s Run is an open platform for all those who are passionate about running. People from age group 23 to 45 are a part of this group and they all belong to different areas of work. What binds them together is their passion to run. These runs are organized free of cost except for the events that are organized for a cause. This running community organizes regular runs and functional workout sessions thrice a week; on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. The activities are classified from 6 Km run to 15 Km run and also some structured workout for the members.

Lets RunThe recent Let’s Run Leh-Ladakh, world’s highest half marathon which is a yearly event has gathered a lot of limelight off lately. Nearly 5000 participants from across the globe participated in this event this year. Team Let’s Run has made Chhattisgarh proud by participating in a huge number (36 members) and successfully completing the 21 Km run in the stipulated time duration.Lets Run

The participants underwent rigorous training for six months before participating in the event. They strictly had to focus on improving their strength and endurance. The team practiced on the roads of Raipur, the flyovers, the canals etc. The half marathon is organized at a very high altitude where mere walking is such a pain, leave apart running. But the team with a will as strong as iron proved that they were no less.

Lets RunThe members motivate each other to run and the community also keeps the members connecting by having frequent runs and events. The members outshine the crowd in all events by wearing special T-shirts which they make for all events. The 36 members after reaching Ladakh practiced there and took all measures to get accustomed to the high altitudeLets Run.

Mr. Vinay Tiwari, the founder of Let’s Run, who is also a doctor, tells us about some ignored benefits of running. He says that one needs no special gear to run, so anyone, anytime with the will can come forth and run. A person can run on the road, in the garden, just anywhere. Besides these, running needs no investment and is the most primitive form of exercise.

The members run with a non-competitive spirit, motivating and inspiring each other to reach the finish line. Let’s run has set an example nationwide by showing extraordinary strength and unity.

We are proud of “Let’s run”!!

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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