Neki Ki Diwar- Standing By The Needy

Neki Ki Diwar– Standing By The Needy

Neki ki Diwar- The nature indiscriminately has given us all we need to sustain our life peacefully & happily but our mother Earth’s only problem- population explosion has kept many unfortunate ones from even the fundamental requirement for sustenance. In

Neki ki Diwar

this havoc of the number game Neki Ki Diwar near Anupam Garden in Raipur is a spot where one can voluntarily donate any usable items that can bring smile on the faces of those for whom even having a weary-teary footwear is precious. Recently on 8th May it has been formally inaugurated by the Chhattisgarh PWD Minister Mr Rajesh Munat.

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  1. 38 lakh just for a simple wall on the name of Smart City? Isn’t it stupidity? Why don’t they just use money to other use of welfare?

    Do you think this wall is for show off?

    Clean and decorative is good but what if over expense just to make it decorative?

    which can be erected for Just Rs. 5000 approx will include place to put/hang many things and proper shed will save all those stuff from weather.

    Each such wall need to have one store room or someone to take everything at night, not to be misused by some thief.

    Good that Gov is interested in such cause but bad to see they wish show off than it to make it really useful .

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