Rally For Rivers – “Nadi Abhiyan”

“This is not a protest, This is not an agitation, this is a people’s campaign to raise awareness that our rivers are depleting. Everyone who consumes water must rally for rivers” – Sadhguru founder of Isha FoundationRally for rivers

On 1st September every Indian citizen from every section of the society- Urban, Rural, corporate, Farmers, NGOs, Political Leaders , Youth expressed their responsibility towards India’s depleting river. Lakhs of people gathered from all over India at different cities to support this cause. Throughout  the country people were standing on the streets for three hours in the morning  influencing people to support “Rally for Rivers”  by giving miss call on “8000980009”.

rally for rivers “Rally For Rivers” t-shirts, placards, head gears, stickers were distributed to motivate others to join the noble cause. Raipurites participated with zeal and zest to show their support for this humble cause by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Foundation for our Rivers. Raipurians were undertaking each and every bit of their time to educate and promote this dignified cause more and more to all the public from all the sections of the society. The whole event took place throughout the various places of the city like Marine Drive, BTI ground, Magneto mall, Jaisthambh chowk etc. in the morning 8:00 am to 11:00 am. People here were very happy to associate with “Rally for Rivers” to promote and educate the public about the condition of our depleting Indian rivers. Rally for rivers

To raise awareness Shri Sadhguru will personally drive through 16 states from Kanyakumari to Himalayas and will be back by 2nd October to Delhi and on his way there will be 23 major events which will happen to raise more responsiveness and to cover each and every section of the society.

As a part of “Rally for Rivers” over 1,00,000 schools all over India participated in creative writing, art competition for reaching out  to the solutions to restore our depleting rivers. Nadi Stuti or River chant was being played at the schools followed by appeal from Virender Sehwag and Sadhguruji. An online Short film competition is being hosted  on the website , calling all the filmmakers to describe the story of India’s depleting river. Shekhar kapoor, Rakesh Omrakash Mehra, Prahlad Kakkar will be the jury of this video contest. To signup Log on to

“Be the Change to see the Change”

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