Love You Zindagi- An Initiative by Rotary Queens

Rotary club of Raipur Queens, a group of dynamic ladies who have come together for a social cause. They came forward and donated Rs. 50000 for a child’s bone marrow transplant. The fund was raised in Tambola Event which was organized last month in August.

Rotary queens 2All the fund that was raised in this event is being used to aid some less fortunate kids.  Rotary is planning to donate hearing aid to hearing impaired kids after doing their Audiometry test.

They will also counsel parents giving them tips on how to use these machines and help the underprivileged kids
Rotary has a couple of more events coming up for the benefit of the society at large. The next project that the team is working on is “Love you zindagi”, a project for retarded kids.

Rotary queens 4This project involves organising a one day picnic Rotary queens 3with games, food, and other fun activities. Around 300 kids of Kopal Vani, Pragya, Akansha School took part in the event.

The event organized today, 9th of September was at the thalassemia unit run by Shri Krishna Sindhu Charitable Trust whose Director is Gurmukh Ahuja,  Head of Department is Kajal SachdevRotary queens 5.

The generous team has extended a helping hand to the 13 year old Pradeep Sen  from Raipur. Pradeep’s bone marrow is to be transplanted, and the credit for the same goes to Kajal Sachdev for taking an initiative. Being an ex-Rotarian, and a responsible citizen, Kajal aims to help this kid to live a better life.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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