Love, Peace and Harmony

World Peace Meditation

‘Yog Prana Vidya’, this organization arranged for a beautiful meditation session on 29th August, 2017, at Vrindavan Hall, Civil Lines, Raipur, C.G. where more than 150 people participated in order to relax and make their soul free through ‘world peace meditation’.

While talking to the attendees of this session, one of them said that Yog Prana Vidya stresses on group meditations because blessings are multiplied in a big group, as they believe in ‘bigger the group, greater the blessings’.

Yoga Prana Vidya is an organization which promotes purification, meditation and other techniques for upgradation of humanity to become greater and achieve union with higher soul. It also promotes practicing the simple yet powerful technique of energy body (commonly known as Aura) cleaning, following no touch system. It utilizes the life force (or PRANA in Hindi) present in nature along with body’s own inner ability to heal. It accelerates healing of physical ailments, be it fever or cancer, emotional imbalances by helping you to find peace through meditations and other practices. It is a complementary healing process based on our ancient science.

The founder of Yog Prana Vidya, is a Retired Wing Commander Mr. N. J. Reddy (M.Tech IIT Delhi) who had served Indian Air Force for 21 years and then took voluntary retirement only to promote this practice. Yog Prana Vidya has a center in Indravati colony, Raja Talab. Meditation sessions are conducted there on weekly basis. An Yog Prana Vidya practitioner can be contact for further details. Also it organizes free healing camps in different areas of Raipur where people are benefited with soul healing. However they can contact the healers if they want healing sessions regularly.

Yog Prana Vidya organizes free Planetary Peace Meditation every month. Lot of people join it to bless the earth with love, peace and forgiveness. It is based on principle of karma, “What you give, comes back to you”.


People who contribute for world peace and harmony in return are internalized with peace and harmony. Regular practice of such meditations can lead to stress free and peaceful approach towards one’s life.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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