Let’s Take A Stand This Gandhi Jayanti | 2nd October

Gandhi Jayanti

The legend Mahatma Gandhi taught great values of non-violence, truthfulness and honesty to the whole world. He was the man who had an out of the league way of dealing with everything. At the time when other Indian leaders took the path of violence to set their country free, he went on the path of peace and harmony.

He had an extraordinary level of patience. With his determination and patience he managed to win even the hardest battles. The point to be noticed here is that you have to at least take a stand against the wrong, though reacting violently against everything is not the solution but the thing is to react. People curse the politicians for everything wrong in their life, instead you start with a good initiative and the world will follow you.

Gandhi JayantiNowadays I notice people to witness wrong and either keep mum or just spread the word on social networking. What I personally feel is that only sending a message won’t make much of a difference, you have to step outside your house and raise your voice. I specially pity those who become eye witness and just use their mobile phones to record it and think of themselves to have done an act of heroism. Recently I saw a video of a man brutally beating another in public place and the people in the video and also the one recording it are all silent spectators, no one is interfering or at least investigating as to what the matter is. This is what Gandhi Ji wanted his countrymen to do?? I guess absolutely not. Instead of standing there and watching even if one man would have raised his voice the wrong would have stopped. People even record after accident pictures instead lend a helping hand and maybe you can save a life.

I don’t really support violence and not a follower or non-violence as well but the problem with today’s world is everyone wants change but no one is ready for it. People want things to stop but no one is ready to take a stand themselves everyone is waiting for others. Change can be brought, we just need to take that step but that very step is not taken by anyone. Gandhi Ji wanted India to become independent but through non-violence so he himself worked for it. Similarly if you want something to change you yourself have to start. Gandhi Jayanti

There have been many instances where every now and then crime is visible to people on the street like kidnapping, robbery, rape etc. We know this is wrong but what we do to stop it? All we need is people who take a stand and work for the betterment of the society. Everyone is a silent spectator.  Then why do we expect people to help us when something of this sort is happening to our near and dear ones. Let’s take a pledge this Gandhi Jayanti to take a stand only then can Gandhi Jayanti be celebrated in its true sense.

Let’s not just run after the typical values and understand the step that is the most important. Not just speaking but also putting it to practice.

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by – Aakriti Agrawal

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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