No Hindrance To Health This Navratri

Health always takes a backseat during festivals. People tend to ignore their health during festivals andnavratri health eat their heart out and end up gaining oodles of weight.

A common thing heard from fitness freaks is that, “All my hard work till now will go in vain since festivals are approaching”. So to help you out to have at-least some control on your health and keep a check on your calories, here are some simple tips and tricks:-

1. Keep yourself hydrated
This mantra is good for your body as well as skin. Drinking plenty of water keeps your tummy full as well as gives a natural glow to your skin which you cannot attain even after spending hours in a beauty parlour.
navratri health2. Keep it light
You can have food outside daily the thing to keep in mind is what you choose to eat. If a little hungry, try having some fresh juice which will make you feel refreshing. If hungry try taking junk that includes lots of veggies like a vegetable sandwich, vegetable maggie etc. Also green salads and fruit salads are a good option and a change in the taste that you have everyday.
3. Detoxify your bodynavratri health
This is the new trend in the fitness world. Detox water is nothing but a health drink made from fresh fruits and vegetables that removes all the toxins from your body and cleans your stomach. It is very easy to make and is very healthy. There are uncountable recipes available but the simplest one is –
1 cucumber peeled and sliced
10-15 mint leaves
1 teaspoon grated ginger
1 lemon sliced
6 cups of water
Mix all of these ingredients and keep them in a glass jar overnight or for 5-6 hours in the open and then strain it and have it one glass per day empty stomach. Also you can store the rest of it after straining in the fridge and have the cut pieces as a salad.
navratri health
4. Cheat only one meal
Try to have all those fats and carbs only in one meal and keep the stomach light for the rest of the day. Like if you have a heavy lunch then go for soup or salad at night. Or if you are planning to eat out at night try keeping the breakfast and lunch really light.
5. Go for healthy snacking
Plan your meals in a gap of every 2 hours. Try not to be empty stomach for a long time otherwise this results in hunger pangs and you end up eating more than required for the body. Choose some healthy snacks like soaked almonds, diet chivda, chick peas (chana) to keep satisfy your tummy.navratri health
Hope these simple tips help you out to keep yourself away from all those unhealthy stuff you were about to have this festival season which will be an hindrance in your way to fitness ahead.
Happy Navratri !!
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– Akriti Agrawal

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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