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BLACK is the darkest color and PRINT means to stamp or to leave an impression, thus the name BLACK PRINT.  We the BLACK PRINT are here to create history through our music and to get settled in the mind, heart and soul of our listeners. So, feel it and live it.

Black Print came into existence in the mid 2015’s as an unplugged duo i.e. Ashhroy as English vocalist and Gajju as guitarist. These two music enthusiasts came together and started playing live English music in one of the most happening cafes in the city, Raipur. They had started gathering a lot of appreciation from there. Later, they met an outstanding musician Tete. While Tete was also in search of like-minded people to nourish his musical needs. Tete plays the key-board like an expert. And in no time, these guys decided to come together and form a band naming it, Black Print. Later, Sam was included as a band member in early 2016’s as a Hindi vocalist. The band was launched with a bang and Times of India, Raipur edition covered them. One after the other, with their rocking performances, they soon became the talk of the town. They always wished to be the most active band in the city. In the year 2016, Black Print became very popular and was known to be the icons of the youth in Raipur. Year 2016 has been an amazing year for this Pop/RnB band. They have had more than 100 shows within a year of their launch. Later, Nishu, one of the best drummers of the city joined the band in early 2017’s which also completed the band.

They have performed at various big and small venues, in and outside the city. Black Print is a unique combination of passionate musicians from all over the country.

singer sumit reincanating raipur black print Aakash reincarnating raipur black print Gajendra reincarnating raipur black print


Nishant reincarnating raipur black print Amit Tete reincarnating raipur black print

Band Members

1- Aakash Roy a.k.a ASHHROY (Co Founder and Lead English Vocalist)

2- Sumit kumar a.k.a. SAM (Hindi Vocalist)

3- Gajendra Tiwari a.k.a GAJJU (Co founder and Lead Guitarist)

4- Amit Tete a.k.a. TETE (Keyboardist)

5- Nishant S Nath a.k.a. NISHU (Drummer)

Black Print is set to release their debut single soon. They basically follow genres like Pop, RnB, Ballad and Elements of Rock with a touch of Dance, Electronic Music and Classic Pop. This is a Pop and RnB band which is a collaboration of various artists, each of them well recognized in their own area of specialization.

Feel it, Live it !

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