The Blessed Child | Jahanvi Sanghi

Children are a gift of God. Jahanvi Sanghi, 7 years was also a gift for her parents given to them after 10 years of marriage.Jahanvi Sanghi

Little did they know that they are being blessed by an extraordinary child. Being excellent in studies, she has a commendable grasping power and is a gold medalist. An all rounder kid, what makes her different is her dedication towards God and prayer. At the age of 2, her father started enchanting hanuman chalisa while making her sleep. Slowly this became a habit before sleeping every night. She slowly started catching the lines which is pure Sanskrit and at the age of 4 she had learnt it by heart. It then became her habit to enchant hanuman chalisa everyday before going to school. At her age, kids sing and dance in bollywood songs, this little one keeps learning bhajans and singing them. Jahanvi Sanghi
Her devotion doesn’t end here. She is always ready to learn new prayers and now at the age of 7, she has learnt hanuman chalisa as well as ganesh chalisa and uncountable bhajans. She even spends a lot of time with her mother in prayers and actively participates in it. She is a well mannered and a gem of a person who always respects every elder whether it be a maid or a guard. She gives appreciation for her humble and mature nature that she has at such a tender age. We wish her all the success and happiness in life and hope she sets an example for all the kids of her age.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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