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Mayank VermaYou won’t believe what this 18-year-old is up to!! He has so much of energy, so many beautiful ideas, and all the positivity to influence the youth of our state. We’re talking about Mr. Mayank Verma, a student himself.

Mayank hails from Bilaspur but is staying in Raipur since past 1 year. He is the founder and CEO of the only inter-institutional magazine of Chhattisgarh. “ECHO Magazine” is the voice of the youth; it is for the youth and of course by the youth.

The youngsters today are surrounded with hell lot of issues; issues about which they are not comfortable discussing with anyone. There is no exposure to the talent that these young boys and girls have. They are falling prey to some or the other kind of addiction. They have problems related to their personal life, their relationships, their career, etc.

ECHO is not only an inter-school magazine but also its a platform for the teenagers and youth to share whatever they feel is troubling them, or whatever they need a solution to. The first edition of this magazine was launched in July this year.Mayank Verma Echo Magazine

This inter-school youth magazine has a tie-up with 38 schools today and very soon they are planning to expand to Bhilai, Bilaspur, and Raigarh. What is most interesting here is the concept and its execution!!

Each school has a team of around 15 students who work as the representative of Team ECHO. The team works in two ways; The ECHO Labs and the ECHO Clubs. ECHO Labs is like a Call Center where students or the young people can give anonymous calls and discuss their problems. ECHO LaMayank Verma Echo Magazinebs has a team of educationists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and doctors. They are basically just a call away and they make sure that the most appropriate solution is provided to the caller. Till today in just 1 month, a whopping 89 students have called for help. This is an alarming number and shows that our younger generation needs more attention. ECHO Clubs is a team which promotes entrepreneurship. ECHO clubs aims at imbibing entrepreneurial qualities in students so that they may become self-dependent.

“ECHO Magazine is a wonderful project which cannot be called a business but it works towards developing a positive outlook in our youth.”

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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