He stood and fought When Life put him down

Lost his father at a tender age of 16, Pitambar Gupta reveals that fulfilling someone’s responsibility is difficult but never impossible.

Pitambar guptaHurdle is an inevitable part of the journey towards success. Similar is the story of Mr. Pitambar Gupta, who today is The President of C.G. Chamber of Agriculture, and has been awarded “Young achiever” by JCI group.

Born in Kesinga, Odisha and grown up at Bhawani, Patna, because of health issues lost his father around the time when his 12th main exams were scheduled. It was the most difficult phase of his life, but he faced it all with maturity.

Family problems made him shift from his maternal place. He was frustrated and ran away with mere Rs.600 to Indore with an aim of returning with something very great. In the year 1995, he started working for Rs. 2500.

With that little amount and the little savings he could manage, he  arranged the marriage of his sister. Later she fell victim of domestic violence & dowry demands at the end of her in-laws and succumbed to death. Pitambar could not bear this loss.Pitambar gupta 2

He was depressed but since life does not stop, he had to continue his work. He became more focused and gave his mother something worthy. He continued his job at Indore.

But life had much more in store for him. After 4 years, the company got terminated and he came back to Raipur with savings of Rs. 42000. He invested that amount and started a business of “Induction motors” in the year 1999.

Pitambar gupta 3Since he had knowledge of computers and had the certificate of diploma degree, he got part time job also. Later he upgraded his business and added pumps to his business.

With all his hard-work and diligence, he set up a factory of submersible pumps in the year 2003. In 2008, he set up his pipe factory with which the business started growing. He is a successful businessman today.Pitambar Gupta

He also did not hesitate in taking pumps in his hands from city to city to get more clients. And this dedication helped him to establish his brand in the market.

Pitambar gupta 4Due to the dedication, success, and expansion of his business; Dr. Raman Singh, our honorable Chief Minister took him to Japan & South Korea.

We have seen how hard-work and dedication can make one successful. Pitamber Gupta is the founder of Agrotech Corporation, Gupta Agro Motors, Gupta Agro Implements today and has an inspiring story.

Story By : Durganshi Jal

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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