People For Animals : Kasturi Ballal

Blooming as a pure rose among many thorns might look easy but believe me,it isn’t!
Today, you’ll get a chance to know about this young girl from your city who has bloomed as a rising star on a dark night and her name is Kasturi Ballal. This girl runs an animal NGO named People For Animals Raipur founded by Mrs. Meneka Gandhi. When we hear such stories it might feel very fancy and quite easy to attain everything but her struggles made her what she is today.
From a very tender age, Kasturi started saving animals; from injured birds to stray dogs, she rescued and served them all. Till date, she has saved more than 1500 animals from diseases like cancer, paralysis, severe mange and pyoderma. She is an engineer and refused her placement into high paying jobs only to work for the cruelty against animals.Kasturi Ballal
This girl single handed convinced the Government of Chhattisgarh against dog catching and poisoning them to control their growth. She convinced the government to start Animal Birth Control (ABC) program. This project is still functional in the government veterinary hospitals.
She gradually formed a team and has run stray puppy adoption programs in the Magneto The Mall and educated people about animal welfare and Veganism. She is a warrior by heart and a life saver in the true sense. This girl is a living example of people who “Act, don’t React!!”


Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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