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Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease- Hippocrates

Such is the belief of Dr. Mrs. Mamta Dang who is a graduate in Arts from Delhi University and a post graduate in Geography (Hons.). She is the Director of Shree Udayvir Gases Pvt. Ltd., a manufacturing company of Industrial gases, since 2003 and also owns two NGOs which aim to improve the status of our society and help in the upliftment of our nation.Mamta Dang 1

She is not just a life coach but also a very successful business person.  She has taken various initiatives to influence the society in a positive way. She is the founder President of JCI Raipur Royals which is an active chapter of JCI India. Having organized many successful seminars, events, and workshops, she mainly works for the upliftment of the youth of this country. She believes that the youth of this country is the main treasure and the country’s future depends on them.

They are the seeds that we plant and if nurtured well, we will get the best yield. Hence she tries her level best to empower the young generation not just by acting as a life coach for them but also by organizing awareness camps and events such as Mamta Dang 2‘The power of the subconscious’ and ‘You can do it!’. These are some of her signature seminars that have made the youth more skilled and aware.

Mamta Dang 3She has also adopted a school where she looks into the basic needs of children. She also imparts training essential for a child’s growth. The two NGOs that she runs mainly focus on the empowerment of women. These NGOs dutifully organize awareness camps for women and also provide training on various life skills such as; sewing techniques, stuffed toy making and operating a computer. These training sessions are aimed at making them responsible and independent.

Mamta Dang 4She is into meditation for the past 10 years and is a Reiki, Pranik healing Grand Master. She has pursued advanced courses in Clinical Hypnotherapy and past life Regression. Using these techniques, she has helped so many people overcome issues that were not possible by any other means and has gained huge positive response for the same. She also has great experience in Tarot cards, Angel therapy, Color therapy, and crystal Healings.Mamta Dang 5

She uses her skills for counseling people with their life problems and also for medical problems that the doctors also don’t have a solution to. She practices healing by combining powers of the subconscious mind with Reiki energy force to give nearly hundred percent results in the treatment of deep emotional and mental ailments. She even helps people with their present situations using past life and age regression. She uses different modalities of hypnotherapy for treatment of physical, mental and spiritual issues.

Mamta Dang 6She uses crystals for healing in specific purposes such as the strengthening of the chakras and for affecting a person’s habits and behavior in a positive way.  She conducts workshops and training sessions on all of the above-mentioned therapies and her teaching methods include simple techniques which have benefited many people under stress.

Dr. Mamta Dang has also taken many pieces of training on Reiki, hypnotherapy and other therapies in foreign countries such as Singapore, Dubai, and Brazil. She is a member of Narayanpur IIT. Mrs. Mamta has revolutionized the city trend by healing or treating people through these amazing techniques which help to awaken the inner self of people.Mamta Dang 7

In a nutshell, Dr. Mamta Dang is a Social Activist, a Healer, a Life Coach, Counsellor, Trainer and a successful Business Person, all at the same time. She performs her duties towards the society with all her might and with a positive attitude of bringing about a change in the society and the nation at large.




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