Anand singhania – Torch Bearer Of Urbanization

I was fortunate enough to belong to a family with a business background, along with which my grandfather always wanted me to join the business and motivated me to go to our shop from a very young age. I started enjoying my time at the workplace and so all my summer vacations were spent at the shop. I learned a lot about business there, from day to day dealings to decision making.

I did my Civil Engineering from Raipur and into the 3rd year, realized that I was particularly interested in the Real Estate industry. Even though I had made up my mind, that I wanted to pursue my dream the Real Estate, due to circumstances I joined the family business, Maruti Automobiles for 18 months. That time spent in the family business only gave me extra time to come up with ideas and innovations for my actual business plan.

It was the 1st of April, 1997 when I made up my mind to quit Maruti Automobiles and get into Real Estate. I informed everyone at home that I am going ahead with my business plan and started this company with just three people, myself, supervisor and an accountant. My family was very supportive as they already had an idea about my plan. My dad even gave me the first piece of land that I was going to be working on, a 2 acres land for my first construction project.

On the very same piece of land, I came up with a small colony of 11 houses at a very reasonable price. Then in the course of the next 3-4 years, I had already finished the construction of another 100 houses. By the year 2007, I had finished off over 5 housing projects. But, then I really wanted to do something for Raipur, as I had always felt a close connection to it, for it has given me all that I have right now.

Magneto was an idea that I always had in mind, I used to travel to big cities and would come back longing to give Raipur a similar urban culture. Finally, this idea became the foundation for an International standard mall. The plan was sailing through smoothly up until 2008 when the recession hit the economies hard, it was that year that proved to be the toughest time for me when people withdrew their shop bookings and the whole surrounding sentiment towards the mall became negative. But, thanks to my willpower that I decided that this has to work out one way or another and I came up with the idea of having a 5-star hotel (Hyatt), a 3-star office (Offizo) and the Mall, a whole kit and caboodle of everything posh. Having said that, it wasn’t an easy task to re-plan stuff the last minute, I hired big contractors to get the new plan on track as a lot of investment was on the line. The new plan kicked off from 2010 and the project regained trust and the retailers rebooked the shops and by the end of 2010, Magneto was 75% full.

After our landmark project, I handed over the responsibility to my relative Priyank and now act as an advisory. Along with which I decide to get back to colonizing, and have worked on nearly 14 projects simultaneously since then. But, as I saw my projects reaching the best of the national standards, I envisaged and decided to take the game to the next level with Maruti Lifestyle, based on an international township.

I have been an active position holder at CREDAI for many years, from being the Chhattisgarh President for 4 years to being the National Vice President, I have seen Raipur go from strength to strength in real estate. But, if I have to credit myself for one particular step I took in my tenure, it would be the decision to hold conferences in the 2 and 3 tier cities in Hindi. This step was important as 2 and 3 tier cities such as Raipur, with so much potential deserve a lot more inclusive than it generally gets, so hosting a conference in such centers would mean more participation and more exposure for the hosting town. And as a matter of fact, the conference was a big hit turnout wise as 700 people from the smaller towns attended and left feeling empowered.

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