The Healing Soul | Dr. Neha Agrawal

“When you only think of the betterment of the society, you are bound to become a helping soul”.Neha Agrawal

Dr. Neha Agrawal is one such consultant physiotherapist and is successfully running Lotus Physiotherapy clinic in Raipur.

Basically she belongs to a small town in Maharashtra named Khamgaon. Although a well established business center development of education and health facility and infrastructure take backseat due to lack of public awareness and political will.Neha Agrawal

She is also brought up in a business family but her parents,being aware of importance of good education always insisted and encouraged her to concentrate on studies. She always wanted to be a doctor and do something to decrease the suffering of the people. Field of physical therapy fascinated her a lot, as how they treat patient and decrease their pain without even using drugs and medication or surgery.Neha Agrawal

After completion of her schooling she joined Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences {Deemed University}, Wardha in Sawangi, and completed her bachelor degree in physiotherapy from associated Ravi Nair College of Physiotherapy.Neha Agrawal

After that she did a fellowship in Neuro Rehabilitation from Apollo Group Of Hospitals, Hyderabad which was certified by Medvarsity London. She has special interest in improving women’s health specially women of child bearing age. She believes that a good and healthy life in this age can improve health of women at the later age, health of the child born to such mother and ultimately improving health of society.Neha Agrawal

After her marriage she shifted to Raipur. Her husband who himself is a doctor is very supportive and always encourages her to fulfill her dreams. Now she has her own physiotherapy clinic in Raipur. She provides treatment to patients of all age groups. Apart from treatment of various disease she also provides lifestyle guidance and nutritional advise to improve health and general well being in her center.Neha Agrawal

Physiotherapy is her passion but she also has interest in artwork. She believes in healthy living and high thinking. Her mantra is to promote everyone for that. Great going Neha !!!!

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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