The Extraordinary Brother Sister Duo | Nilaadri-Adrija Shukla

What better way to celebrate Children’s Day than reading some out of the league kids stories. As it is said that, children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate. This is what this brother-sister duo always got at home. Nilaadri Shankar Shukla, 9 years and Adrija Bhawani Shukla, 4 years are kids who were always given a free environment at home. Being from a reputed family, these kids are extraordinary in their way of conduct. While Nilaadri is a very sharp child with all the naughtiness, Adrija is a calm and composed one.Shukla

Nilaadri is a complete Michael Jackson fan. From knowing his birth year to his journey to this death along with the cause of his death he knows it all. He has by hearted all MJ songs and steps at such a tender age. He is also a complete tech savoy child and also very much interested in cars. He can tell the brand of the car only by looking at it’s logo, since the age of 1.5 years. His grandfather is like his friend. His best friend is his cook’s son. He even goes to the dargah with his maid. He is a complete nature lover.Shukla

Talking about Adrija, she is all girly and that princess kind of girl. She is very prim and proper when it comes to her dressing and her stuff. She loves ballet and performs ballet on all the songs. She is always on hertoes. A kid of just 4 years, developing a liking for English songs is an unusual thing. Even ballet dance being the interest of a 4 year old is a very rare finding.Shukla

This brother sister duo are similar in their dissimilarities. They are both a puppy lover. Both are very unusual when it comes to kids of their age. Nilaadri is an active member of SOWO junior, which launched on Sunday with the motive to make kids look beyond the luxuries in life and has great interest in serving the poor and helping for a cause.Shukla

Well mannered and different kids, they surely have a very bright future ahead.

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