Gandhian Fab by Amin Farista & Rupal Farista Lalani

Amin Farista & Rupal Farista lalani : The Out Of League Designer Partners Of The Town

Amin Farista & Rupal Farista Lalani

Rare is the union of beauty and purity. Such a rare combination is formed by, the couple-  Amin Farista & Rupal Farista Lalani, that is fashion designer duo. The rarity is that they only work on KHADI and promote it. Amin is the designer among the two and Rupal is her P.R. and assistant. He has been an avid khadi lover and expresses the love by wearing nothing but khadi. Thus he enrolled himself in J.J. Institute Of Designing, Delhi. Post completion of his tenure at the institute he had to come back and join his ancestral business owing to the family pressure.

In 2002 he was offered by KVIC a show called Vastroutsav for which his wife motivated & supported him so that he could follow his passion for designing in the sideline of the family business thus he did participate in the show with his khadi apparels that garnered him much appreciation by KVIC chief. Post this there was no looking back for him as he did lots of shows all over India. In 2014, he participated in the Bridal and Lifestyle Fashion Week in Raipur and Cosmetuca Beauty and Wellness in Delhi. The year 2016 saw him as the 1st designer from Raipur to showcase his caliber in the Bangalore Fashion Week. He also took part in the Hyderabad International Glam Fashion Week. In 2017 he was a part of the India beach Fashion Week where his talent of designing beach wear and resort wear in khadi got the limelight. The same year in October Fashionista celebrated its 10th anniversary and he associated with it for a mannequin show and displayed glam khadi designs. On 2nd October every year, he celebrates KhadiDiwas with a program in the public gathering with his designs, live music, and live painter. He just loves to gift khadi to everyone he comes across.

Amin Farista & Rupal Farista LalaniHe wants to give khadi a new definition & recognition by promoting Khadi across the globe. He spends a limitless amount of time with weavers in Bengal to bring out the best in them. They worked hard to prepare for the Pune Fashion Week for which he was approached as they want to do a thematic show to foster khadi.

His wife has always been the supporting pillar for him. Rupal is working in a college and Amin is into the family business but the fashion designing to promote Khadi is solely out of their passion. Salutations to both of them for taking up a great cause.Amin Farista & Rupal Farista Lalani


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