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Priyank Patel- A Change-maker In The Society

Priyank Patel, an engineer by education, is working towards bridging the gap between marginalized communities and our society; through his cafe Nukkad,The Teafe.

Priyank completed his graduation in Electronics Engineering in the year 2007 and has worked with several MNCs in the years that followed. In the year 2011, he quit his job and joined the Young India Fellowship or the ICICI Fellowship and worked with the backward communities of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Odisha. It was during the fellowship that he realized the need in our society for informed choices and also came face to face with the disparities between the social segments. He created the volunteering organization called “Jazbaa-The passion within”, which was an initiation and a platform to promote the gratefulness among the youth of the country for the Indian Armed Forces. They also looked after the families of the martyrs and helped them by forming self-help groups for their sustenance.


In 2013, after his stint with IT and the Social sector, Nukkad was created. Nukkad was initially proposed as an idea of an informal, laid back and cozy cafe offering non discriminatory opportunities and creating a space for conversations. Nukkad was opened with the people having hearing impairment to hold a forefront where they could interact and engage for spreading an awareness that everyone is capable of being self sustaining when given a fair chance. Three years later they expanded their vision and included the Transgender community in their small family as well. Priyank hopes to eventually engage and work with people suffering from Down syndrome, Autism and HIV by involving them with the upcoming ventures.

Priyank Patel

As an outsider, Priyank had to look for and contact organizations that helped the people with hearing impairments; after the recruitment the staff had to be trained in hospitality as it was their first experience in such a process. He focused on their skills, presentation and a general overall development.

Priyank Patel also heads various other initiatives without being limited to just one. “Digital Detox” where customers get a 10% discount if they deposit their cell phones at the counter, and “Bol Do” Which is a movement offering peer support to everyone battling depression.

Priyank Patel believes that social inclusion is a challenging yet a much needed concept and people need to understand that every individual of the society deserves to get fair chance to prove their caliber and their worth. He feels that everyone should include the specially-abled in our social groups and avoid judging someone on the basis of their physical or social attributes.

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