Priyanka Shukla​ : Serving The Society With Elan

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. These are the lines that perfectly fit in for this strong headed lady Priyanka Shukla.


Priyanka Shukla

She is a native of a hill station. Belonging to a prominent family she is a very grounded person. She did her history honors from Lady Shree Ram college, Delhi. She got married at an early age of 21 and shifted to Raipur. It was then that she had to adjust in a different culture and environment. After marriage, she was just a housewife and post having 2 children she became a hands down mother. Being a travel enthusiast in 2015 she decided to travel alone to the U.S. where her relatives resided. She there went for a social event where the screening of a documentary on Nirbhaya case took place.It was that particular event where her life has went trough a transformtion. Impressed with the women actively taking part and also their husband lending them full support encouraged her to contribute towards the society.

After returning from the U.S. she formed her own small group of ladies and started off with distributing pens, copies etc. Slowly she realized that only these efforts are not enough to make a difference in the society. Along with this on children’s day in 2016, she organized the screening of a movie for underprivileged children. A set of young girls came to her to take her autograph and desired to be like her when grown up, this is where she made up her mind to do something for them and formed SOWO​ group with a center for girl’s empowerment.

Priyanka Shukla


There she began with taking spoken English classes, dance classes without any fee. Under #SOWO group they have also taken the responsibility of further studies of young girls from a school Maharana Pratap Girls School. She has now started SOWO Junior. The aim behind it is orienting kids from well to do families towards looking beyond luxuries to invest some of their time in social activities in order to nurture magnanimous nature in them right from the childhood. Her kids are also active members of the organization. Managing SOWO also is a challenge as it becomes difficult to convince the parents of the girls to let them study and work afterwards. She completely manages the whole group and also teaches the girls herself.

A lady with the heart of gold, her efforts are commendable. She deserves more hands to join her and help her towards the noble cause

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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