A Young Philosopher and Achiever- Dr. Sarvesh Jain


3 Books || 3300+ Quotations || 60+ Articles || 4 National Records || 2 World Records.
How old do you think one should be to achieve all this??
35?? No?? Too early??
Well, honestly we’re talking about a 24-year-old!

Dr. Sarvesh Jain is India’s youngest philosopher who is also a critically acclaimed author of not just one, but three books. His writings are “The Journey of 101 Milestones”, “Naked Wisdom of the Child” and “The Awakening Wisdom of Life”.
His journey of writing started as a young heart-broken school going, student. Mr. Sarvesh pens down his feelings and expresses himself through his quotes. And today he is internationally known for his motivational quotations, and for his expressive writing. Every reader connects to his words and that has brought in all this fame for him at such a young age.
The list of his achievements is long. He has been conferred honorary doctorate from the World Records University, London. He has also been awarded as Genius Author of the Year 2017 by the @Genius Foundation Ahmadabad.
He has a number of records in his name. He has entered the Limca Book of Records, India Book of Records, @Incredible Book of Records, India’s World Records, Asia Book of Records and Unique World Records in writing the maximum number of self-composed Quotations.
Till date, he has written more than 3300 Quotations, making him probably the best Quotation Writer of the world. He is a columnist, blogger, corporate trainer, educator and a learner. His writing includes the three P’s: Philosophy, Psychology, and Politics. He is also a coach who believes in imparting his positivity and wisdom to people and help them stay focused in life.

His vision is to simplify the complexity of human psychology to refine the quality of life. In spite of having content, his search for wisdom never ends.
We wish you all the very best for your future endeavors!!#Sarvesh Jain

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