A Young Entrepreneur With A Fresh Approach | Shubhika Jain

Strong family support is bound to give you greater avenues to progress and succeed.

Such is the story of Shubhika Jain, a young entrepreneur who went out of league to carve something of her own.Shubhika Jain

When you have your virtues rooted you turn up to become a completely different personality. Shubhika Jain was raised in a happy and thriving household, among strong, beautiful women who taught her that only in balancing the mind, body and spirit, does everlasting beauty reflect on our skin.

As a child, Shubhika was immersed in rituals instilled in her by her mother – rituals that have been passed on from mother to daughter for generations in her family. These rituals sought to establish one’s holistic balance and inspired a sense of well-being with the help of age-old Ayurvedic practices dating as far as 5000 years. Being a nature and an animal lover she went to Lady Shri Ram College to pursue a degree. She was then back to start afresh.Shubhika Jain

In the beginning she joined her family business and was working under her dad from whom she got to learn a lot of business hacks. Then slowly she started individually handling a wing of their business and became the director Adithya Biotech Lab & Research Pvt. Ltd. While working here she started researching about all the natural products that they were already into.

This kick started her journey to launch her own brand of luxury and elixir oils as she found out that even the top brands in the market that claim to be natural have something synthetic in it. She then launched RAS Luxury Oils 5 months back with research happening since 2-2.5 years in selected cities like Mumbai, Maharashtra, Hyderabad, Bangalore, India and Hong Kong. Her main mantra behind this is to introduce an oil that is made only from the ingredients that are edible.Shubhika Jain

When she initially joined family business it was difficult for the existing staff to accept a young lady as their head. She had to prove herself to be worthy by way of executing tasks and handling situations in a mature and strategic manner. Initially, visiting farmer fields, sourcing the best raw materials, having meetings with top executives was challenging for her. At such a young age this girl is on the road to create history. More power to you girl..!!

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