The Versatile Youth Icon – Subhash Moitra

Everyone is gifted. But most people never open their package. This is certainly not applicable in the case of the extremely talented Subhash Moitra.DJ

He is an icon in terms of following his heart. How to follow your passion along with your career can be learnt from him. He wanted to be a DJ but there was no scope in Raipur and so he opted for engineering which was completely his choice.

He then had an off campus selection and got a job in #Balco. In one and a half years he shifted to Vedanta and was posted in #Orissa. After 2 years of being there he shifted to Goa for 3 years. It is there where he realized that music can also be opted and get started playing in clubs. In 2012 he came to Raipur and organized Raipur’s first pool party with some of his friends but since raipur was not that forward that time so he had to face some issues and he went back to Goa.

He then realized that he can improve himself and did lots of R&D, went to clubs and through you tube. He is the one who brought top DJ’s to Raipur and has played in all metro cities. His engineering career went along with his passion for #DJ. In 2013 he joined #Jindal and shifted to Mumbai. He then started playing in clubs of Mumbai, Maharashtra, Raipur and Goa. Balancing his work and passion, this was not the end. Then he stepped into the business field. He wants to serve Raipur and always wants to work towards its progress. He then opened The chocolate room in Raipur, which was the first with the chocolate concept in town but it did not work out.Subhash Moitra

Then he came with a new concept of waffles with Wafflez along with Bhavesh Kumar who is a hands down support system for him.
It came out to be a success in just 2 months and now he is already standing tall with 5 outlets and many more to come. The commendable quality of this person is apart from working for 9 years, he is still continuing with his job. He only plays as a DJ in weekends. After tasting success in every field this person is very down to earth and is a perfect example of balancing three different aspects successfully and has complete family support.

This man is standing tall with his engineering job as well as his business venture as well as DJ. Hats off to you and more power to you.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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