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The story of Zakir Hussain is no less than a dream where he went on to defy all the odds by making it big and big enough to match his dreams.Zakir Hussain

Zakir was only an year old when he contracted polio and since then he has not been able to walk. Besides being confined to the wheelchair, his dreams were not confined as he proved that his talent was way bigger than his disability to walk.

Born in the small town like Korba, Chhattīsgarh, Zakir started using crutches to walk at the age of 12. Since his childhood, he’d a keen interest in music and it was in his 8th standard, that he first performed publicly on a patriotic song and won many accolades. This proved to be the turning point of his life and it was this phase when Zakir decided to turn his passion into profession.Zakir Hussain
The resemblance of voice with Rafi and a versatility of his own, he went on to become “The Voice of Chhattisgarh” and represented the state in Star Voice of India 2 and again he was compared to the legendary singer Rafi by most of the guests including the likes of Isha kopikar, Ajay Devgn and Sukhvinder Singh.
He idealized Rafi to such an extent that he went on to perform only on the songs originally sung by Rafi. This resemblance even backfired as people censured him for the lack of variety. To this, he bounced back strongly and stunned everyone by performing in almost every genre.Zakir Hussain

Yet again he proved that whenever life offered him a second chance, he made it bigger and better than the first. He was given a second a chance as a wild card entry and consequently, he made it to the finals of the Voice of India and ended up among the Top 5. This was just a glimpse of what was about to come his way.

With the passage of time, Zakir’s stature as a singer has only increased as he performs across the country and been a part of numerous movie albums. It’s a matter of pride for Chhattisgarh that he features in the National Anthem video made by the State Government as well. To make it even bigger his first solo track in a Bollywood movie named ‘Kutumb- The Family’ has released in the first week of April. Besides all the Artistic works, he also runs an NGO for specially abled children.Zakir Hussain

Disabilty is just a state of mind. He has proved this perfectly.

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