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is an art of capturing the best moments for a lifetime. With the advent of technology, fashion and glamour; people have become quite conscious about pictures, conscious about keeping those memories alive through pictures. Social media networking is another big reason for a boom in this industry. This has also given rise to an all new professional career option for the youth.

A person in order to master the skill of clicking flawless pictures, needs to learn the intricacies of photography. Photography is of various kinds. Wedding photography, portraits, fashion photography, wildlife photography and many more, each one differing in their basic angles for clicking, the place for a shoot, the lighting, etc. A photographer needs to have the knowledge of all the technicalities to capture the best shots according to the subject or model.

Reincarnatng Raipur SidiA tailor-made and a well planned course can train all persons of different ability and turn them into excellent professionals. A photography course can also help one to pursue a career in fashion and glamour photography.

SIDI is the only institute in Raipur which provides professional training for people who wish to pursue photography as their career. A student is given an insight of all photography skills during the course. The course is divided into various levels where all basic and advanced knowledge as well as some practical tips are given to the learners.
Each person different in their perception. A photographer is basically taught as to how to look at things through his lens. This course teaches everyone to take the control of their camera. The course offers a detailed knowledge about all genres of photography viz. weddings, nature, landscapes, wildlife, portraits, studio, still life and even more.

Reincarnatng Raipur Sidi

SIDI is the best institute where one could give wings to their passion.

SIDI has also introduced afternoon batches for everyone with an aim to spread even more knowledge. Now one can choose the timings as per their schedule.

So if you are looking for a career in photography, Space Institute of Design and Innovation is the apt place to be!

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