Traits that a woman wishes to see in her life-partner

Couple reincarnating raipurSuch an interesting topic!!
I know I know…

Our ladies must be jumping with joy and men must be wondering as to what is this now! Don’t worry peeps, this is just a guide meant for you to lead a happy life. All those secret or unsaid desires that your woman has, we’re listing them here to help you keep a check on them and fulfill them from time to time. And ultimately if your lady will be happy, you’ll be super happy as well. Right boys?!

All individuals are different in nature, their backgrounds, their emotions and also their expectations. It actually becomes difficult at times to judge what the other person wants. And women, yes it is extremely difficult to know what they actually want from you. When they are saying “Yes” do they really mean it or they mean to tell you “Don’t dare to do that”. And vice versa.

So, here we have some traits that you must inculcate to keep your woman happy and if you already possess them, you know how happy you must be.

Couple reincarnating raipur

  1. Give your wife an individual bank account with a balance that is never ending.
  2. Take her to shopping every month.
  3. Cook her favorite food.
  4. Plan surprises for her on weekends.
  5. Order precious jewelry for her.
  6. Never forget her birthday, your anniversary, your first meeting anniversary, and any other dates that might get you into trouble if forgotten.
  7. Dining out every other day would fetch you that extra love from your girl.
  8. Let her meet her friends whenever she wants.
  9. Foreign trips once in a year are a must.
  10. Take her suggestions when you are dressing up. This will make her really happy.
  11. And the list is never ending……

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Hang on people! There are also some dos and don’ts for the women to follow to keep their husband happy, but maybe we will talk about it in our next post. Guys follow these tips to the T and see yourself happier than ever. You can thank us later!!

PS: This is a fun intended post; please do not get offended with anything written here. All work and no fun will make us all dull. So, tickle your funny bone with partner Life partner reincarnating raipur

However, there are some serious traits that a man and a woman in relationship should follow to lead a happy life. They are like wheels of a car, if one isn’t working fine, the car doesn’t work. And also a car cannot run without any of its wheels. So, all the wheels must be kept in the best of their condition.

Give it a thought!!

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