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70 years of Independence


“Mingle the sense of patriotism with love, care and pride with a lot of happiness sprinkled over it, and carnation done with seventy different types of spices.”

India the country of love, tradition, spices, religions, talent and what not to be counted on fingers and you will fall short of them; do include your toes too.

Seventy years of freedom and the essence of it looming freely in the air of India. Come to think of days when we were brutally ruled by the people from another land, the sense of betrayal by few of our own men, the hard lashes that our ancestors took, the empty stomach of those little kids whose eyes were waiting for a spark to light the inner fire in them with happiness.

The years before 1947 were filled with hardships, long nights when the eyes of our ancestors did not take a blink in order to let us sleep at peace in future, hearts of many wives of soldiers wrenching at the thought of losing their beloved but still clear on sacrificing their lives. Many people who gave up their lives and their dreams for the freedom are known and some are anonymous.

From 1947 till now 2017 the changes brought to India are worth praising.

Take from the Indian post started in the year 1856 in British Rule and since Indian independence in 1947, the postal service continues to function on a nationwide basis, providing a variety of services. The structure of the organization has the directorate at its apex. In April 1959, the Indian Postal Department adopted the motto “Service before Self”; it revised its logo in September 2008.

DMRC, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation limited, The concept of a mass rapid transit for New Delhi first emerged from a traffic and travel characteristics study which was carried out in the city in 1969, and is taking up the whole country on a loud pace now.

AGNI MISSILE PROGRAMME, The project started in 1982–83 with popular political support from the successive governments and bestowed under the leadership of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam who oversaw its ending in 2008 after these strategic missiles were successfully developed. The last major missile developed under the program was the Agni 3 intermediate-range ballistic missile which was successfully tested in its first test on July 9th, 2007.

The Automobile Company MARUTI brought to life in the year 1983 changed the whole scenario of India by proving easy way or transportation.

BARC, Hero Cycles, Bharti Airtel, MMTC, Godrej, Indian oil, Tata Steel, HAL, BSE, ISRO are just few other feathers in the cap of India.

Now talking about the infrastructure of India, then India is considered as one of the most developed country in this level. As we know the right minds of those old kings and their folk’s men, the way they made their palaces and all their hide outs are ought to be clapped for. And for now after independence Bhakra Nangal Dam, BHEL, L&T, SAIL, NTPC, Power Grid Corporation, Hindalco and C-Dot are other few companies adding to the infrastructure of India.

India is never lacking in its power of humanity and culture and so are its companies, like AIMS, NAVODAYA VIDYALAYAS, APOLLO HOSPITALS, IGNOU and KENDRA VIDYAYALAS, adding to the mind power and army of India.

The connectors are to be well praised too. Seeing through the books of history till now you will find a vast change of connectors like the raise of Konkan Railways, IRCTC, Mumbai- Pune Expressway, BEST, NHAI, GMR, CEAT, INDIGO, COCHIN SHIPYARD LTD, etc.

The last you expect, the first you find India’s name for it. Since last few years the growth of India has bloomed gradually knocking down the evil eyes of other countries and lifting up the heads of those ancestors who gave up their lives for seeing this very day.

Completing the 70th year of Independence, come on India, let’s take an oath to support the Idea of freedom in the right way, not to misuse it for our own good but to think of the consequences it may bring with it, taking everything and anything in a positive manner and help our ancestors take a sigh of relief with a proud smile pasted on their faces.

“For it’s on us and only us to bring the change because we are made to Change.”

“The color of sky is the most pure of all ….

The fragrance of flowers brings out the sense of peace and can decorate each and every wall.

The life is in us and is for us….. Sacrificing everything if it’s needed then we must,

For India we are the obliged ones and forever stay we may,

Let’s take this oath on completing glorious 70th year of freedom called Independence Day.”

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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