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PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 2017 – The Countdown Begins

“Just Few More Hours Left For the Results To Be Revealed”
‘President’ The Head of the country and the First Citizen of India.
Presidential Election 2017 – There have been 13 presidents of India since the introduction of the post in 1950. The post was established when India was declared as a Republic with the adoption of the ‘Indian constitution’. The president is allowed the seat for five consecutive years as stated by Article 56, Part 5, of the constitution of India.
With the departure of our former president for 2012-17, Mr. Pranab Mukharjee who also held various posts in the Cabinet Ministry for the Government of India such as Finance Minister, Foreign Minister, Defense Minister Deputy Chairman of the planning commission. Now each and every eye is set to see the polls which were voted on 17th day of July,2017 For the election of the President for 2017-22.
Source – India TV
The candidates running for the post are Mr. Ram Nath Kovind from BJP party VS Meira Kumar the former speaker of Lok sabha from INC party.
According to the returning officer, it was perhaps the highest voting done to add up-to 99% of the legal population of India. Ram Nath Kovind the former governor of Bihar is rumoured to be set for an easy win, with the ruling BJP – led National Democratic Alliance is confident that Ram Nath will get 70% of the Voting. The sanctioned strength of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha is 776, 771 MPs were eligible to cast their votes. Among 1,098,903 votes of the Electoral College, 549,492 electoral votes are needed to win and 72.3% of the seats belongs to BJP itself, clearly making it sure to drop the vote it the courts of Ram Nath Kovind. Remaining votes gone to the spread of Meira Kumar doesn’t help much but makes us wonder that even with the stats clear in front of our eyes are there any chances  for Meira Kumar to win this election, but still miracles can happen.
Standing from the ruling party adds to the advantages for Ram Nath as most of the voters are from the same team.
Second yet one of the most important advantage favoring the win of Ram Nath is that he don’t have a strong and United opposition, much to the dismay of Meira Kumar.
PM Modi’s choice of a Dalit candidate is considered as a masterstroke to divide the opposition and keep allies together as well as a move to consolidate it’s growing support among politically vital backward castes.
With his arrival, PM Modi said the monsoon session that begins today will be ‘a good one’ and thanked all the parties in their contribution in launching Mega reforms, the Goods And Services Tax or GST.
Being from the ruling party Ram Nath is taken up in the circle of high hopes and expectations by each and everyone. Modi’s works have been proven to be one of perfect speculation and all are in the  good interest of the citizens of India. Talk about the currency keep ups to the issue of GST, Modi has brought the waves of massive change upon the country and so is expected by Ram Nath.
Now the thing to be noticed and observed is the rumour that Ram Nath will be our next President is going to be true?
If yes!  Then will he be able to stand to the expectations of the citizens who have high hopes for some good deeds as done by our PM.
Today the answer to all our queries and worries will be given as the results will be out within few hours.
Till then we are left to wonder whether Ram Nath is a good option or just another pawn for Modi as Manmohan Singh was for Sonia Gandhi.
– Anukriti Bose

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