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Two social classes… The rich and the poor !!

Poor man reincarnating Raipur

Two social classes… The rich and the poor !!

“No matter how rich or poor you are, all life will come to a halt with two types of destinations; Heaven and Hell.”

― Callum Illman

Have you ever thought what makes a rich person rich or a poor, a poor??

Despite of the many differences that are evident, evident only through the living standard; there are many similarities between them.

Yes, I’m talking about the similarities between a panhandler on the street and a wealthy man in his castle.

Do you wish to know what they are??

eat reincanating raipur

1) What they eat?

A poor man does not have money so he cannot manage his meals well. In that case, he gets very little to eat. After all the hardships, he is always thankful and can eat his food anywhere, absolutely anytime of the day.

And the rich; well, they are so busy and loaded with work that they do not have time for themselves, leave apart their food. So, they end up eating anything, anywhere, anytime.


Isn’t this a similarity between the two social groups??

wear reincarnating raipur2) What they wear?

The poor man walks on the street and it is mandatory for him to cover his body so that people don’t throw stones at him. Due to their unfavorable conditions, they wear whatever they find. They thankfully accept the articles rejected by people and use them. So their blouses don’t match the skirts they wear or their shoe doesn’t match the trousers they wear.

The rich – They always long to look different, different amongst the people they move with. So, they try to create a fashion statement so that they always wear something which no one wears. And guess what?! They mostly end up having different color combinations of their attire.

Did you understand the similarity here??

society reincarnating Raipur

3) The life style they carry..

The poor has nothing to lose. He does not care about the society or the people who live in it. So, he does what he wants without caring about what people would suggest him or whether they would talk behind his back. He lives his life the way he wants to.

Whereas, the rich are quite like them too. They do not care about the rules and regulations. They do not care about others suggestions or their thoughts. They make or amend policies at their convenience. What they are bothered about is only their comfort. So, they also live life on their terms.


Aren’t there too many similarities between the rich and the poor?? So, why do you think there is so much of discrimination in our society??

Do give it a thought!!

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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