Food Fiesta at Kriti 2017 – Oorja

Wish n Whisk Reincarnating Raipur

Here are some of the delicacies from the unique list of dishes available at this year Oorja Exhibition

Mediterranean Pizza at Wish N Whisk Reincarnating Raipur Oorja Kriti


Mediterranean pizza with ample of chickpeas sauce at the base and lots of vegetables like  black olives and wild mushrooms on top. Spices like zatar and a generous sprinkle of feta cheese and pine nuts to make your pizza more cheesy.



Pad Thai Yum Yum Noodles at Reincarnating Raipur Wish n Whisk OOrja Kriti


Pad Thai noodles with the colorful bell peppers and broccoli are a must have. A little tamarind pulp adds the zing ! Brown sugar and roasted peanuts sprinkled on top just add to the crunch !!




Pesto Focaccia Sandwich at Wish n Whisk Reincarnating Raipur OOrja Kriti

Focaccia made with pesto sauce and exotic grilled veggies which is served on fresh lettuce leaves and finished with parmesan cheese to add to the ooze.

Pesto sauce is a special sauce made with basil leaves, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, olive oil and a lot of garlic which is known to be the Best accompaniment with Focaccia !!


Paneer Fajita Wrap at Wish n Whisk Reincarnating Raipur OOrja Kriti



Paneer fajita is a Mexican wrap made with a mixture of Cottage cheese, bell peppers and onion tossed into chipotle paste served with sour cream.



Creamy Cheesy Rigatoni Pasta at Wish N Whisk Reincarnating Raipur Oorja Kriti


Rigatoni pasta tossed into bechamel sauce with lots of processed cheese and topped with Parmesan



All the above dishes are freshly baked only for you ! There are many more platters which are equally yummy.

How can one miss on having these delicacies while in Raipur ?!

You can find this Orgasmically-delicious food stop at the Kriti – Oorja Exhibition which will be put up at Hotel Celebration, Jail Road, Raipur.  

It is on 27th-28th of June, 2017. The Wednesday and Thursday.

Wish and Whisk is for all food connoisseur of Raipur who wants to tantalize their taste buds in a unique and an interesting way along with some great deal of shopping at the exhibition, because once you’ve tasted brilliance, there is no going back.

We wanted your energy levels to be maintained while you shop, so we brought in this joy of food for you at your favorite exhibition. Stay tuned for the yumminess with a secret menu which we promise you would have never had. We are sure to provide you the unabashed radiant smile after you have experienced our servings. Let the yummy in the Tummy begin.


Wish n Whisk Reincarnating Raipur Oorja Kriti

Wish and Whisk!!

Wish and Whisk gives you a taste of genuine culinary skills. It is a foodie’s junction where one can find some real delish food items. Their uniqueness lies in their menu which is very traditional yet contemporary. The preparation and presentation of all food items is divergent. The busting flavors and the unique preparation can engage you and your taste buds. The main idea is to introduce the concept that offers more than just flavors.


So, see you there…



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