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The Grapes Theory…

The Grapes Theory-Leave a bunch of grapes in a pot and keep it on the table in open where lots of people come and go.

The first person comes and eats the best grapes, which looks juicy and big in size. The ones that he thinks are best in the lot. He is full and he leaves.

The second person comes, he eats the less sweet grapes. He is not left with a choice but for him that’s the best that he got. He is full and he leaves too.

The third person comes, for him hardly anything is left. The other two people who came before him kind of skimmed the milk. Still he finds few more grapes which are good enough for him and dumps the rest as a waste and goes in for search of new grapes.

The fourth person comes, watches the bowl almost empty with just a few grapes left. The hunger is there and he feels tempted. Half of the grape is good and the other half is rotten. He searches for one or two good ones. To satisfy the craving he eats the half good ones and may be few bad ones also.

Lastly when I see the bowl, hardly 1 or 2 grapes are left.

Now, let’s come to the reality.

Grapes is the resource.
People are the users.
The time between two people coming, eating and going is the time gap.

It completely depends upon you to decide what learning you take from this.

1. Well I would say, people always select the best from the lot.

2. The situation never ends nor does it change. Neither does the world changes.

3. For some there will be no chances or no opportunities, but for some there always lies an opportunity.


Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.

-Napoleon Hill.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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