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Nukkad Teafe reincarnating raipur

Nukkad Reincarnating Raipur

“ChaiBoloChai” “ChaiBoloChai”

You must be wondering what we are talking about! Well, the very talked about, hamara apna NUKKAD!

In the world full of people who are self-centered, who are materialistic, there are also people who want to bring about a change in the society. Mr. Priyank Patel is one such person. With his dream of serving the society, he came up with the concept of a café, NO.. It’s a TEAFE !

It all began when Priyank, an engineer by profession, got an opportunity to join a fellowship programme. He has otherwise worked with MNCs for about five years. This fellowship programme allowed him to work in rural India and help communities find solutions to different problems. After working in villages in Odisha, Maharashtra and Gujarat, Priyank felt that there was a lot of vacuum since there were not many young people in India working for social causes. He continued working with the NGO but then he decided to create a space where young people could meet, share ideas, form groups, start up social ventures, and be inspired.

Nukkad staff bhilai reincarnating raipurNukkad Bhilai Reincarnating RaipurNukkad the Teafe, soon gathered a lot of buzz. Not just for its uniqueness but also for the noble cause that it serves. This is a unique cafe in Raipur which has recently opened a branch in Bhilai, where having a good time means a lot more than just drinking a steaming hot cup of tea. It means communicating in sign language, enjoying books, reciting poems, meeting like-minded people, celebrating love, making new friends, and so much more.

Yes, you read that right. The chai cafe hires only deaf and mute as well as transgender people as their staff members. Started in 2013 by Priyank Patel, this social enterprise serves tea, food, and fulfilling conversations in a beautiful and soothing ambience. The team of Nukkad welcomes its clients very gently. They organize a couple of interesting events for people to enjoy at their Teafe. Noble causes are never left unnoticed and so, this café has been also featured in many T.V. channels and has gathered a lot of media coverage too.

The ambience is very Boho-like. The wall art, the beautiful ceiling, the rustic look, the scattered cushions, the games, the books, they have so much to make you feel at home. And of course, Nukkad is known for its Super staff!

Nukkad is not just a café but a story of people who have turned their weaknesses into extraordinary strengths. People who were once rejected are now standing tall and earning their living. These extraordinary people perform regular duties like handling the cash counters, serving and helping, with their indomitable spirit. Their smiles and positive energy is what makes the place truly unique.

If you think that’s not innovative enough, you should read about a few initiatives which will make you go WOW about Nukkad.

Digital Detox – Nukkad the Teafe offers a discount to customers who deposit their phones after entering the cafe. “We don’t want customers to be hooked to their phones, staring at their screens, chatting with people who are not actually present there. Instead, we want them to celebrate their time, have fun, read a book, talk to a stranger.” says Priyank. Well, isn’t that wonderful!

Nukkad at BhilaiReincarnating Nukkad Reincarnating RaipurGyaan Daan – Customers can deposit a book in the cafe and exchange it for another one that they can take home for three days. Yes, Nukkad has its own collection of books to choose from.

Tea and Tones – These are events where customers can take the center stage and recite poetry, share their experiences or just interact with everyone present there.

Bill by Dil – The cafe celebrates its anniversary by declaring a bill-free day. Customers get an empty envelope in place of their bill and they can pay as much as they want.

Super mom celebration – Customers who bring their mothers to the cafe get one dish of her choice absolutely free.

These and many such innovative concepts make Nukkad the ‘go to place’ while you are in the city. Their vision to serve awesome tea along with creating job opportunities for the differently-abled people is nothing less than inspiring. Priyank says that he also has plans to work with autistic people and also people with special needs. He aims to create equal opportunities for all the people in the society.

When in Bhilai, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit Nukkad. Come here to feel a home away from home, have a special masala Chai, read a book and get indulged in an experience called Nukkad.

People come here from almost every corner of the city to experience the uniqueness & to enjoy the tea containing many specialities like Dry Ginger Saffron tea, Chocolate tea, Romantic tea, Hyderabad Iranian tea, the famous Masala tea, etc.

Priyank, with his vision has truly made Chai special.

Nukkad reincarnating cafe

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