Visit Meethamal’s Chaat Corner to devour Authentic Street Food Treat Without Compromising with Hygiene

House of sweets & snacks - Meethamal Raipur

After a day full of work, when evening arrives with some respite from heat waves, it is the perfect time to go on a long drive with loved ones and have a treat of some yummy street food! And to make this summer evening more than perfect, ice-cream is a must!

However, despite our undying love for streetfood, the concern about hygiene issues makes us restrain from the delicious treat on the street, after all who wants their loved ones to fall sick!

But now enough of depriving your taste buds from the party they deserve, leave all your worries and get ready to take a drive to Meethamal Restaurant on Dhamtari Road, Raipur, where you can eat all you want- all the lip-smacking soul-huggingly delicious streetfood is available in their open-air restaurant section with beyond perfect ambience.

Let’s have a look on some of the mouth-watering delicacies you can find in Meethamal’s Chaat Corner Section-

1) Shaahi Dahi-Kachori

Spicy traditional Kachori filled with yogurt and tamarind chatni, topped with garnishing of diced onion, tomatoes and sev is the perfect reward for all the hard work you did all day long!

Shaahi Dahi Kachori at Meethamal Raipur
Shaahi Dahi Kachori at Meethamal Raipur

2) Chatori Katori Chaat

As yummy as it looks, only the glimpse of this popular Katori Chaat with Meethamal special tadka will make you go hungry.

Chatori Katori Chaat at Meethamal Raipur
Chatori Katori Chaat at Meethamal Raipur

3) The Royal Dhokla

One Gujju-dish we all love is Dhokla- and the way Meethamal serves it makes it nothing less than Royal!

The Royal Dhokla at Meethamal Raipur
The Royal Dhokla at Meethamal Raipur

4) Greedy Gol-Gappa

Your Streetfood Party is incomplete without this irresistible element of joy and taste. Yes! these super-delicious gol-gappe are a little difficult to share!

The Greedy Golgappa at Raipur
The Greedy Golgappa at Raipur

5)  Pav Bhaji

Can’t explain the feeling of exotic bliss when the piece of buttery pav with a lick of flavoursome bhaji melts in mouth, if you are a pav-bhaji lover Meethamal is the place for you!

Pav Bhaji at Meethamal Raipur
Pav Bhaji at Meethamal Raipur


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