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It’s About Human Empowerment | Gender Equality


Somewhere, in a social media, I saw a meme in which was written, “I respect a person for his/her qualities and not gender”. It contained a very deep and broad meaning than it looks. As many of us would have faced that the term ‘Women Empowerment’ and ‘Gender Equality’ has always been mistaken for being same. It is very important for us to know that each and every individual of the society has their own existence and appearance, and that it has nothing to do only with their gender.Gender Equality

Moreover, we might have seen in a very popular crime show that, a lady, taking the advantage of her being a woman, forges and puts false allegations that a man (who was also her colleague) has misbehaved with her, later which proved to be an unacceptable offence, and the woman was sent to jail afterwards.

Not going too far, in many people’s homes, we can see the difference which distinguishes any child into ‘Son’ and ‘Daughter’ (better to say ‘Son’ and ‘Girl’), rather than the fact that they both are born from same parents. Why, don’t your son deserves to be an all-rounder as you want your daughter to be, in all field like family, friends, work and society, along with the house???

The question constantly going through my mind is – “How will our society and country progress if we are in such backward thinking states of our minds???”

Isn’t it necessary for people to treat women, as well as men equally, and not as ‘Men & Woman’ separately?

It’s time to know that this era is not about ‘Woman Empowerment’, it is about “HUMAN EMPOWERMENT”!!!!

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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