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Who does not know what interior designing is??

Interior designing is basically making the best possible use of the available space. The key to a great design is capturing the vision of the client and essence of the place. Interior designers make a place functional, feasible, safe and attractive by determining the correct placements and providing the best utility.

Interior designing involves making a place comfortable for the owner and also involves great deal of planning and foresightedness. An interior designer understands the structural design and makes a design in a way that he incorporates all the requirements of the clients. A designer not only makes a design or a plan, but also coordinates with a team of various craftsmen, suppliers etc. Right from where the door will be to the final look of the space; is the responsibility of an interior designer.   

Most designers these days use computer-aided design (CAD) software for the majority of their drawings. There is also a huge advancement in the technology where designers create a three dimensional view of their plan which enables the clients to clearly understand how the final output would be.

Most of the designers these days are involved in turn-key projects. Many designers also specialize in a particular type of building (home, hospital, a commercial complex, a school, or hotel) or a specific style like modern, contemporary or traditional. Some designers also provide services of home furnishings stores wherein they provide the best possible material and furnishing options to their clients.


SIDI Reincarnating Raipur

The planning involves the basic layout, the electrical plan, the tiles, the fittings, the placement of different home décor items and the furniture. Be it a home, or a commercial complex, a school or a restaurant, an interior designer plans a place according to its type. Something that suits a restaurant might not be of any or much use at an educational institution.

A skilled Interior Designer is able to understand the needs of the clients and produce an outcome that is customized to the taste of their clients and serves the utility purpose as well. A career in interior and spatial design combines the basic designing skill, some knowledge of Vastu (as many people believe in it!), utility and feasibility of a design. Thus, Interior designing is a science and an art as well. Interior and spatial designers are thus people who need to be updated about the latest trends as well.

Hang on there!

Now, you must be concerned about where would you get all this knowledge from if you’re considering interior designing as your career. The answer to all your queries is SIDI, Raipur.

Reincarnating Raipur SIDI

This institute provides the best theoretical as well as practical knowledge which is required by one to be a pro in this field. Many successful interior designers have undergone rigorous training at SIDI. The institute caters to the overall development of its scholar ensuring that they make a place for themselves in this very competitive industry.

A shout out to all the prospective interior designers… SIDI is the best place for you without a doubt!!

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