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Have we really learnt to Value Time ??

bas 2 minute reincarnating raipur

Bas 2 minute Reincarnating RaipurHave we really learnt to Value Time ??

Gone are those days when you say two minutes and people believe that you are going to arrive in that stipulated time. Or that you are going to complete your work in that much time. What has brought about so much of change in people’s attitude ?? Was it always like this ??

We cannot even imagine what effect our two minutes has had on people and how meaningless it has become for everyone.

There was a time when punctuality was a value followed by all without being insisted so much upon it. But now, it is a value taught in schools.

We have heard since our childhood; time and tide waits for none. And yes, it is true. A person who does not value time, loses so many precious opportunities.

reincarnating raipur timeThe thing is, If we had informed the person in between the two minutes we had promised to call or arrive, that it will take more time this problem would not have occured. The trust would have been intact.



Gone are the days when you say 5 minutes and it worked. Now if ones says 5 minutes it clearly indicates that mostly he will come after half an hour or else he will call and say he is not going to come.

To make it meaningful again I have started telling people I will exactly take 3 minutes to reach or willl call you back in 6-7 minutes. Let us see if I’m able to get back the trust lost over the period of time.

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