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Shweta Tiwari - Mrs Asia International
Shweta Tiwari

Shweta Tiwari : Marriage is not the end of your career road or ambition, a little extra effort can take you a long way!

The lady who glorified the name of Chhattisgarh and represented India in an international beauty pageant, believes that the real beauty lies within. It is the positive mindset and inner peace that reflects in your outer appearance, making you more radiant and attractive. Shweta Tiwari- Mrs. Asia International India 2015 is a mother of four-year-old daughter, a renowned model and an expert homemaker. A perfect example for anyone who is looking for motivation to restart their career after marriage or after becoming a mother.  Shweta believes that every person is gifted with some or the other talent, and one should utilize their talent responsibly for one’s own growth and for the growth of others. Especially women should not shy away from exploring their potential.

About her own journey, Shweta Tiwari told that the world of glamour had always fascinated her. Ever since her teenage, she loved dressing up glamorously; doing make up and posing for camera came naturally to her. Going all the way to Hyderabad for higher education opened plethora of opportunities for her. At the age of 17, she won the title of Ms. University, which kick-started her career as a model. Later she won another beauty pageant and was titled as Ms. Andhra Pradesh.

While her modelling career was just picking up the pace, she got married. And as we know marriage does change a girl’s life drastically. New family, new responsibilities and new life brought a brief pause in her career. However, her passion never lost the spark. She decided to start all over again from where she is and what she has got. It would not have been possible without the support and cooperation of her husband and her in-laws, says Shweta. Family support is a great boost to the confidence of a girl.


Acknowledging the support of her family and friends, Shweta decided to set an example and live up to their expectations. She won the title of Mrs. Raipur. And then there was no looking back. She contested and won Mrs. Asia International India in 2015. Shweta represented India inMrs. Asia International Beauty Pageant held in Malaysia. Since then her career graph has only gone up. She is doing modelling assignments with top brands, she has been part of the jury of various beauty pageants and she is well known face in the modelling industry.

Shweta is of the opinion that unconditional love and support from life partner is a blessing for any person. And in her case, she believes herself to be fortunate to have such understanding husband. Every time she travels out of city for her modelling assignments, her husband takes care of their daughter. He is always there to offer moral and emotional support to Shweta. “And that is how it should be!”, says Shweta. Relationships are all about mutual understanding, respect and giving each other the space to grow.

In her message to women , Shweta Tiwari says that post pregnancy, women often go through an extreme drop in their self-confidence, because of the not-so-pleasant change s in their body. And many women even give up on their bodies and neglect their health while taking care of their family. Women need to understand that they have the power to achieve any goal they focus their energy on, and transforming body and improving health is not that big a task, if they are determined towards it. Loving yourself and paying attention to emotional health should necessarily be on our priority list. And as far as their career ambitions are concerned, giving up is no option. Go ahead convince your family and move towards your goal passionately. Let your determination speak for yourself.


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