Dr. Vivek Bhartiya: BNYS ,MA (YOGA ), MA (ENGLISH), DIP AEROBICS , CERTIFIED ZUMBA INSTRUCTOR Dr. Vivek Bhartiya is a prominent health counselor of Raipur. He is the face behind the famed naturopathy hospital, Aarogya Mandir, Nature Cure & Yoga Institute. Since a very young age Dr. Bhartiya had discovered the real wealth GOOD HEALTH! […]

Soumya Santosh: dancing through life on colourful beats “Inner talent is everything you need to succeed in life. Hardwork along with it is the added advantage which makes an artist stand out”, and one such artist is Soumya Santosh. A South Indian girl with roots in Kerala, who mesmerizes everyone around with her moves and […]

Aqua Zumba- A New Adventure To The Zumba World A new experience to the world of Zumba: AQUA ZUMBA RAIPUR BY GSP GSP Fitness & Wellness conducted new adventure to the world of Zumba called Aqua Zumba at Pooltronica, Club Marina, Singapore City, Raipur on 24th June, where more than 50 young, mid aged and […]

SUPER FINALE OF ” DANCE KA SUPERSTAR “ The world of dance is just spreading its wings and with this, we Raipurians are no exceptions. After the semi-finals of ” DANCE KA SUPERSTAR “ on Saturday with 98 contestants, we finally got out 50 finalists on 24 June Sunday at Ambuja Mall. The hardworking finalist was quite well paid […]

Priyanka Bissa– Beyond The Confines When the firmament of the mind is painted with all inclusive dreams & aspirations then the individual is never limited to a fixed frame of work to emerge significant for the self & society. With such all inclusiveness Priyanka Bissa never confines herself in any set of activities so as to […]

Sunday Bollywood Night With DJ Jay – Every individual needs some recreation after the busy weekly schedule and thus the weekends are significant with the recreational activities such as dancing, driving, laughing with the loved ones and a lot more. As such, to the enchantment of the town Cafe Lake view held a gripping Sunday Bollywood Night With […]

A Sensational Unplugged Night In Town These days people have almost everything that serves the purpose of comfort & leisure but it demands intensive indulgence which eats up the moments of fun filled activities making one bereft of all those comforts despite having the means. With this understanding Cafe Lake view at its place opposite Marine Drive Raipur came […]

Lively Performances In Dance Ka Mahayudh Auditions Lions Club Raipur Friends conducted the auditions for Dance Ka Mahayudh- a dance competition for kids & youth of different age groups at Magneto Mall where 40 contestants have been shortlisted for the grand finale to be held on 27th May. The audience gripping auditions were packed with lively & […]

Exuberant Summer Camp At Nutan School Vikas Parishad is conducting a summer camp at Nutan School, Tikrapara Raipur for children to develop skills in them of as many as 25 art forms that include sewing, embroidery, jute-work, classical dance, music, computer training, spoken English, drawing, painting, makeup and many more. This summer camp is on its full-fledged […]

Akar– Shaping The Children When the vacation is on then for the kids it is the best time to indulge into the playful learning activities that can give expansion to the budding personality in them. Culture Department of Chhattisgarh thus is conducting a summer camp called Akar at Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum where children are with the opportunity to […]

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