Last minute Raksha Bandhan Gifts.. Irrespective of all the fun and enjoyment that special days like Raksha Bandhan bring us, they also bring along a lot of stress. Picking the right gift for your brother/sister becomes a task every year. It’s only a few days for Rakhi and if you still haven’t picked the perfect […]

Valmiki (Ratnakara before), a sage who wrote the epic Ramayana, initially belonged to a family of robbers, who later turned into a sage with the help of Narad Muni (a divine messenger of the time). He was advised by Narad Muni, when once he tried to rob him, about the sins he is committing to […]

The 9 days of festivities come to an end with the coming of Dussehra. Navratri is a festival of worshiping Goddess Durga, dressing up and going to the Garba. Dussehra aka Vijaya Dashami is a festival that exemplifies the victory of good over evil, positive over negative, Rama over Ravana. Lord Rama killed Ravana is […]

Agrasen Jayanti is the birth anniversary celebrations of the legendary Hindu king Agrasen Maharaj. The Agrawal clan was originated from him. And so, his birthday is celebrated with great pomp and show among the Agrawal community. The Agrasen Jayanti this year was on 21st September and was celebrated with many events which continued for a […]

‘ Navratri ‘ the name itself brings a holy feeling along with joy, excitement and divinity in every Indians mind. Festival of 9 days dedicated to Goddess Durga is considered very auspicious. Different forms of Mata Durga are worshiped in these 9 days. People fast for these 9 days and end their fast after worshiping small […]

“From Kashmir to Kanyakumari” A lip smacking 17 days food festival is being hosted by ZONE – by the Park, Raipur. The ‘Flavors of India- Highway Trails NH44’ started from 18th August, 2017, where one could experience a delightful dinner buffet which tantalizes the diverse fare from cuisines across India. The wonderful food festival along with […]