3 Books || 3300+ Quotations || 60+ Articles || 4 National Records || 2 World Records. How old do you think one should be to achieve all this?? 35?? No?? Too early?? 40?? Well, honestly we’re talking about a 24-year-old! Dr. Sarvesh Jain is India’s youngest philosopher who is also a critically acclaimed author of not […]

The story of Zakir Hussain is no less than a dream where he went on to defy all the odds by making it big and big enough to match his dreams. Zakir was only an year old when he contracted polio and since then he has not been able to walk. Besides being confined to […]

In the seventh decade of his life, he has a treasure of memories to cherish. Mr. Vasant R Desai’s sharp memory, his social life and his constructive routine can put many youngsters to shame. In his late 70’s, he is hail and hearty with zero medical expenses. Post retirement,when many lose interest in making their […]